Thursday, May 24, 2007

A kind of Synesthesia

Answer this puzzle..

Father and son are driving along a river side road in a mountain. They meet with an accident when they cross a bridge. The father dies in the accident, and the sun is taken to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor look at the patient and says "Oh this is my son!!". How is this possible??

If you know the answer, then you may not be suffering from Synesthesia. I am not yet sure if this can be called as a case of synesthesia. Anyway I will explain why those people who fail to answer this puzzle might be suffering from synesthesia. The answer to the puzzle is "The doctor is the mother". Given the fact that most doctors are men, the doctor profession is associated with male gender. And you end up thinking how can the father be alive?? Did he not die in the accident. Synesthesia is defined as a neurological condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled. So here you can the sense corresponding to profession is couple with sense (??) corresponding to gender. May be I should ask Dr.Ramachandran if this is a correct instance of synesthesia.


ichbintux said...

Gender and professions cannot be grouped as senses or "virtual senses".

also, this puzzle cannot be translated into German. Because in German male doctor is der Ärtz and female doc is die Ärtzin. So are you saying that Germans cannot have this kind of synesthesia?

A better explanation is that since there are (unverified) more male docs than female docs, ur neural circuits are biased into associating the two together.

codeshepherd said...

there is no single term to represent doctors in German?

nomad said...

every noun in german has to be specified if its male or female or neutral.. der, die oder das