Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Longing to get Chicken Pox

During the late 90's, when I was in my 3rd class I studied in a school by the name "Eden Garden". It's a residential school, and we were allowed to meet our parents once in two weeks. I still remember those days, we used to eagerly wait for our parents to come on the visiting days. Its was then that Chicken Pox entered our school. Wow, what a happy news it was. Anyone affected by Chicken Pox was allowed to go home. I was longing to get sick, go home and see my parents. I did get Chicken Pox and one of the staff member accompanied me home!!!


firstmonsoon said...

ah. Chickenpox I barely have any memory of - except the part having to do with neem-leaf paste :P

I did fall sick once in the 11th though, and then I tested negative for everything they could think of.

Early 90's, surely..?

Ramprasad said...
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Ramprasad said...

It's true that the importance of something is felt only when you leave it.
I'll repay you with the same coin :-)
Try and learn to keep your head occupied with interesting things. That should help. Remember you have friends to turn to.